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The Scottish Cancer Prevention network (link to website) is focussed on moving evidence on cancer risk reduction into everyday life, practice and policy. Whilst it is recognised that governments do much to support changing behaviours we also recognise that there is much more to do, more agencies than can help change  and a need to increase capacity around CANCER prevention.

The aims of the network are fourfold:

1. Raise awareness of the links between diet, physical activity, obesity and  UV exposure  and the development of cancer in relation to primary prevention (and in cancer survivors).
2. Support on-going work around tobacco control, alcohol reduction and environmental exposures related to cancer in Scotland
3. Create support for public health action from all sectors of  community so that prevention activities are embraced in every aspect of cancer control planning.
4. Support research and dissemination activities related to lifestyle and cancer risk reduction
5. Undertake advocacy work aimed at increasing action by the private, public and voluntary sectors to reduce cancer related behaviours whilst fully embracing issues around health inequalities

We recognise that education and awareness raising are the cornerstone to action but to focus on these  alone are unlikely to bring about the magnitude of change needed to reduce the morbidity and mortality from cancer in Scotland

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